Good Morning Kix Country

Is this VW Superbowl ad racist – or just cute? The PC Police are already condemning it…


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Poll: Did you find this VW Advertisement to be offensive or racist?

Good parenting, and really really bad parenting are also among our trending topics today.  This toddler was forced to get a tattoo by its own mother!  Warning...this is very disturbing...


Then there's this father whose broke curfew one too many times and was sentenced (by dad) to a week’s worth of wearing this tee shirt – with dad “mean muggin’” the whole school.  Don’t know how much it cost the guy to have the t-shirt made up, but the lesson itself is priceless!

Now, you tell me: which of these is the good parent and which is bad?  If you can't decide, please seek professional help!!

I will be having Gator Dave and Ken Taylor on this morning's show for an interview about the new location of West Wall Boatworks which is located in Port Charlotte just north of Toledo Blade. I will be posting videos of this interview on my blog tomorrow morning for you to check out.

Here are a few photos of the shop for you to give a look.

Click Here to see the entire photo gallery.

Click Here to visit the store's website.

You can also call them at 941-875-9630 or visit them on site at 787 Tamiami Trail just north of Toledo Blade in Port Charlotte.

You KNEAD to see this to believe it. And btw, my spelling hasn't gotten worse - you'll understand why I spelled it that way when you watch this.

 Man makes bread appear in his hand from nowhere.........

"btw the croissant trick comes in at about 4:00 minutes"

The "knead" pun makes sense now, right?  Yes, I know It's not funny...but at least it makes sense. 

As promised, here are two videos of the David Gerald Band performing original blues tunes during their set at the 2013 Chili Fest in Laishley Park last Saturday.

I will include two more videos of the band performing on tomorrow's blog and then the awards ceremony on Friday's running of the blog.