Take a look at this controversial Toys  R US Commercial and tell us what you think.  The commercial suggests that shopping for toys is more fun than learning about Science and Nature



 Please take the poll below and tell us what you think of the commercial.  Does it send a bad message to our kids?

or.. Do you think it's just fine and even entertaining.




Poll: Does This Commercial Send a Bad Message to Kids?



      Cool “Two Minute Time Waster” here!  A Latin American Coke commercial (for a product we don’t have in the states called “Coke Life”) explores the ups, downs, downs, downs, and even more downs of becoming new parents. And then one more “up” moment at the end that will make you smile!






Well...I'm not sure that this is something you want to see, but none the less, the person that made this was pretty darn creative!

Click here to see the "nekkid"  Paula Deen Cake someone made in her honor....or dishonor as the case may be!  Ha ha!