Good Morning Kix Country

John Grabau here in for the out of studio Todd Matthews.

Here are a few photos from the MMA Unleashed Fight that took place at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center which saw Larry Timko boradcasting live.

RJ and Jay Paul even showed up with a guest appearence.

 Here is a video of the Snakes in the Spa craze that you heard me talking about over the airwaves yesterday morning.

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 Click HERE to read more on the story of the Atlanta Radio hosts at 790 the Zone who have come under headvy scrutiny for their recent failed attempt at humor when a skit they made up relied on making fun of a former NFL player who is now partially paralyzed from the effect of ALS.


Here is the infamous slip by Miss Utah during the Miss America Pageant when she anwsered a question on income inequalty that resorted to this....


Here is a hilarious video in which British Comedian Anthony Richard does play by play commentary during a Red Sox and Yankees game.


Here is the new song by Britney Spears who is apparently now making a song anthem for the new Smurfs Movie which presents the question.... Why is this song deem appropiate for a childrens movie?


Check out this wild video of a poker trick that defies logic.