Good Morning Kix Country

We are playing Battle of the Sexes on the show this morning.

 Just in case anyone's wondering what to get me for Valentine's Day.... It is actually on clearence as well! Just head over to this link  by clicking here to order it before supplies are gone!  It's on sale too.  Down
from $292,000 to a mere $175k!  No...really...

Just kidding everyone, seriously though.... Is this not one of the most absurd prices for a piece of jewelry that you have ever seen?

Let me know by calling in over the airwaves, writing on my facebook wall, or participating in the poll below.

Poll: What is your opinion on the very high price of this watch on the clearence rack?

The Home Office of the Future?  That’s what CBS called this piece hosted by Walter Kronkite in 1967.  It’s uncanny how RIGHT they were!!


The White House releases dozens of photos of the President every day, each with the standard request that they NOT be Photoshopped.  Which of course means that’s exactly what everyone does….immediately.  Check this collection of the Prez skeet shooting recently by clicking HERE....


Here are a few photos of some of the photos of people that we snapped last weekend at the Charlotte County Fair.

Click Here to See More of the Photos....