Did you hear about the "unique" Halloween decorations that an Oklahoma man placed in his driveway?  Needless to say, his display was so realistic that one neighbor called 911!  Apparently the adults were more bothered by the display than the kids....  





Okay...now that you've seen the display that scared the bajeebas out of the neighborhood, do you think that Johnnie Mullins of Oklahoma went too far, or was this just a great Halloween prank?


Poll: Is Johnnie Mullins Halloween display too frightening?


Get ready for a great time as we take the Kix Country Cruiser on the road to Englewood!

Tonight we're headed to:


We had such a great time there when we last visited!  The food was incredible!  If you're in the mood for fine dining in the "Rat Pack Lounge" or great Burgers, Wings, Pizza and more on their sports patio. They have something for everyone!  Remember...great food is even better with Bud Light!

Join us at Ricaltini's, on Kentucky Avenue, just off Placida Road, Tonight as the Colts take on the Chargers.  We'll have Bud Light Prizes and a whole lot of fun for you!

Here's how to get there!


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