Good Morning Kix Country

TOUCHING! George Jones beloved dog Bandit visited his "daddy's" grave according to the caption of this pic on Jone's Facebook page...

Here is another example of why it's called the "Always Exciting South Biscayne Church!" Pastor John Cross's latest message series has been "Lessons From Biblical Rednecks," (hence the camo shorts). It's a message that obviously has not been lost on his congregation and the proof is in the "gift" the Pastor is wearing below. That's a handmade jacket that was made by a member of the congregation...made entirely of duct tape!

Here is a video of a man capturing himself juggling several balls around the country of Iceland with some very amazing sceneic backgrounds.


Here is a video of President Obama calling two proposition eight plantiffs on live television to congratulate them for their efforts which saw the defense of Marriage act struck down.


Here is a video of a safari gone wrong in which a Giraffe chases a jeep after it get's offended that it's space was intruded.


Here is a video of Paula Deen's extremely emotional interview on the Today Show from Yesterday.

Here is a retro commercial from Radioshack in which they show off their cellular phones, I saw fit to share this with you today since there have been many videos dealing with technology on my blog this week.