Good Morning Kix Country

John Grabau here, I will be filling in for Todd Matthews for this entire week as Todd is away on business related matters which may or may not involve further details for this years running of Country Fest, sorry gang... I can not give away all of the secrets.

It's Official... I am very pleased to let you know that the iconic Aaron Tippin will be serving as the Headliner for this years 2013 Country Fest.

Today's Notha Chance Lotto Numbas

8 - 14 - 18 - 29 -31 - 40

This is very cool, Check out this music video made by a country band in which they used a google street car to capture photos which were then used in a still photo time sequence to create the visual for their song....



The first ever 2013 Family Fusion took place over this past weekend as thousands of individuals, families, and couples gathered at the Port Charlotte Town Center Mall for a family themed outing. I would like to share  few photos in regards to the event with you today....

Hereare a few photos of the atmosphere that involves participating businesses and scenery at the event.

Click Here to check out the entire photo gallery that pertains towards the atmosphere and scenery at the Family Fusion

Additionally, I would like to share several photos with you of some of the live performances that took place at the 2013 Family Fusion

Click Here to Check out the entire photo gallery pertaining towards live performances at the Family Fusion

We took so many photos of people attending the Family Fusion that we had to split it into 2 photo albums!

Click Here to check out part one of a two part gallery, We will put you photo up tomorrow if you do not see your photo today!

Here are a few photos of people from the first gallery

Here are two videos of Higher Ground Performing Arts Center from the 2013 Family Fusion... 

 Check out this video of the worlds worst dressed burgaler who count not have went about trying to rob this closed convienance store in a worst way which has seen him dubbed by the Internet as the Worlds Worst Burgaler....

The lastest advert for Jaguars 2014 XKR-S GT has just went viral... check it out below.