We need a new Battle Of The Sexes fight song for the guys! Our current one is over a year old now so it's time to put democracy in motion and vote!!!

**UPDATE: We now have our list of ten! Check it out, and feel free to let us know if you've got any better ideas:

1. (Current song, aka "incumbent")  Danger Zone  -  Kenny Loggins

2. Eye Of The Tiger  -  Survivor

3. The Is How We Roll  -  Florida Georgia Line

4. Thunderstruck   -  AC/DC

5. Back In Black  - AC/DC

6. We're Not Going To Take It  - Twisted Sister

7. Welcome To The Jungle  -  Guns 'N Roses

8. Go Big Or Go Home  -  Grayson Rogers (see below)
9. Stomp  - Grayson Rogers (see below)
10. What Do You Think About That  -  Montgomery Gentry


You may not have heard these 2 songs from Grayson Rogers...they're off their new album which is due out in a couple of weeks. We're not trying to  sway the vote - but since you might not be familiar with these choices we thought it a good idea to put them here for you to check out:









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