Good Morning Kix Country

Todays Notha Chance Lotto Numbas:

2     6     11    12    19    45

 This REALLY has me PO'ed (Personally Offended)! Everybody's talking about how this teenage girl caught her teacher stealing from students on video. She hid in a locker after a rash of thefts and below is what she recorded. What very few people are talking about is how the Principal, upon seeing this video evidence, demanded the girl delete it from her phone. WTF(udge)? I'm furious!
Why hasn't someone called for his resignation too??


Speaking of my anger management issues...

I'm starting to get very frustrated with scams, spam and fraud. They're everywhere - and it's so easy to fall victim. Have you gotten a "spam text" yet? You will! Did you know there's something you can do about it? Simply forward the text to 7726 (SPAM), and follow the instructions (works with most carriers).

Also...never ever ever fall for scare tactics, especially when they're the lead reason why you should invest your money with a particular person or organization. Here's an example I saw on the internet yesterday below. This is supposed to be an advertisement to convince you to invest in oil futures. Might be a good idea - but if you do decide to, it shouldn't be because of garbage like this! I wonder how many people fall for this kind of crap?

I'm all for enjoying an internet fad while it's still relevant...but this Harlem Shake business may have gone too far. A group of students almost had to pay a HUGE fine for performing their version on board an airplane in flight!  Take a look...and DON'T try this yourself!


Viral Video of the Day

The Lost Footage of Grey Poupon

Hilarious take on a classic TV commercial (for those of us who are old enough to remember the original Grey Poupon commercials) and entertaining enough for the new generation. 

Check out this video of a newly transperent Desktop Computer which was recently displayed at the Famous TED Conference


I would also like to remind everyone about the Florida Fest 500 which is set to take place in Laishley Park over the weekend. This is the first ever running of the festival which will feature nearly a dozen different musicians, a meet and greet with members of the Stone Crabs and Tampa Bay Rays baseball teams, Mobile Aquarium from Mote Marine, A Water Ski Show, and so much more.....