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John Grabau here in for the out of studio Todd Matthews who will be back with you this morning. This week has been an absolute joy thus far as you all have been so warm and receptive in sharing the airwaves with you all.

Here is the video of Todd in "Love at First Bite" which I have been speaking about this week via the ariwaves, The production team and I are very pleased to see so many people sharing the video and a consistant rise in video views. Please help us continue to share this video so that we can surprise Todd on Monday when he finally gets around to seeing it. 


Here is a video which has also gone viral recently, Prince William was out greeting citizens when he went in to give this small child a kiss on the cheek, that is until she denied him the chance to do so which is getting a lot of attention on the internet today.


"Rahat" is a street magician who records his acts on video and then uploads them to his youtube channel, here is a video of Rahat performing a headless drive thru stunt at numerous fast food establishments with hilarious reactions.


Facebook is making waves over the internet with it's new app called Facebook Home..

Check out the official commerical for the launch of this new application below


A Man in Philadelphia also gained a lot of attention when he posted this video online of his cat and him going for a bicycle ride throughout the city, Check it out below....


Stevie Johnson is a wide reciever for the Buffalo Bills who recently offended a lot of people when he tweeted " War is Nothing to be played with. I apologize North Korea..... but if yall do bomb first, bomb Foxboro, Mass." which is the home to the rival New England Patriots

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KFC looks to be rebranding it's self once again via the avenue of going to platform of moving towards boneless chicken tenders as opposed to their signature bucket of chicken pieces with the bones.

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Dunkin Donuts is currently testing out a new breakfast sandwhich that consists of a egg and bacon slices on top of a glazed donut which replaces the bread.

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