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 ...and yes, that IS the famous "Birthday POTTY" you've heard about!  There's an interesting story behind (pardon the pun!) our commode cake! Scroll to the bottom (sorry again) of the page to read the details!

Prizes provided by:
 of Port Charlotte
Here's how the Birthday/Anniversary Party works:
Each weekday at 7:25 AM, we take moment to salute anyone and everyone who's having a Birthday or Anniversary.  We start with "Shout Outs," which is where a fortunate few get to call in and announce their favorite person's birthday live on the air.  You're also welcome to phone in your own birthday if you like (don't be shy!).  We also read off any faxes, emails, text messages and/or postcards we might've gotten, and of course any Facebook birthday mentions too. 
Then comes the BIG MOMENT!  One lucky person from the day's list wins a free birthday meal from Jack's on Marion in Punta Gorda!


How to do it for your special day:

Remember to get YOUR birthday in to win on your
special day, and also emember if you DON'T tell us your
real age, we'll automatically make you 59!  Here's
how to get your birthday info to us:

 Write on our Facebook wall or send us a message by clicking HERE.

 Email us at: 

 Phone us at:  (800) 749-9290
                   Text us at: (941)875-5528

 Fax us at:  (941) 206-9296

Mail to us at:  24100 Tiseo Blvd.
                                        Port Charlotte, FL  33980




Now, about the "Potty Portal" business and how it came to be:

Many years ago we had a web master who was a little hard of hearing - an unfortunate side effect of years in radio spent wearing his headphones turned up too loud. We asked him to create something on our homepage that would be easy to find, and would quickly link visitors to the "Birthday PARTY" information. We clearly said "Birthday PARTY," but somehow he heard Birthday "POTTY," and we just didn't have the heart to tell him he screwed up. So we left it there and it sort of became a tradition!